• Major Job Cuts at Morgan Stanley

    Major Job Cuts at Morgan Stanley

    It is held as common sense that the middle class is shrinking in the United States. As demonstrated by Morgan Stanley just recently, jobs continue to be lost by the hundreds.

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  • China's Yuan Enters the Elite Currency Club

    China's Yuan Enters the Elite Currency Club

    Recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) voted to include China’s currency, the yuan, in their elite basket of currencies. In doing so, the IMF provides a considerable vote of confidence regarding the currencies future in the global marketplace.

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  • UK Consumer Credit Rises Sharply in October

    UK Consumer Credit Rises Sharply in October

    According to recent data released by the Bank of England, the British consumer credit rating continued to grow in October.  Not only did the rate grow, but also it grew at a rate far higher than expected making it 9 years since such a rate was last witnessed.

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Binary Options

The Complete Guide to Binary Options

What are binary options?

Binary options are a type of options (a contract that gives an owner the right to buy or sell an asset or financial instrument within a given time frame) that provides only two possible results: all or nothing.

What makes binary options different from other forms of options?

With traditional forms of options investment, the investor has to buy and own an asset and has to monitor the price movement of the asset he or she has purchased. The investor then has to sell the asset back. If the investor sells the asset back during a period when the price of the asset is in decline, then the investor will lose money. But if the investor sells the asset back in a period when the price of the asset has increased from the original buying price of the investor, then the investor will make money. This type of investment means that the investor has to constantly worry about the movement of the price of the purchased asset or assets so that he or she will know when to sell the asset/s back.

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Crude Oil Price Status Ahead of OPEC Meeting

In June 2008, something remarkable was happening. As analysts watched the numbers go higher and higher, it was expected that a barrel of oil might go for over $150. It is amazing how much the times have changed. Six years later, the cost of a barrel of oil is a third of that price and is currently listed around $43.04 a barrel. This puts it close to the six year low experienced earlier in August of $40.46. What does this mean for online trading in binary options, FOREX trading in commodities, and the future price of oil as it relates to the upcoming OPEC meeting? Let’s take a closer look and see.

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